An Actors Shakespeare

With Host, G.Robin Smith

Episode 3-140Lines- All’s Well

“An Actor’s Shakespeare” is a Podcast by G.Robin Smith (produced by Ehren Ziegler of fame) featuring the attitudes, ideas, reactions, results, wounds and failings of a Shakespearean actor and his attempts to understand, explain, complain and duplicate aspects of the life of an Elizabethan Playwright. You may see his various works at Also, look up his latest book “To Each Their Own” an Elizabethan-style play – with teaching text – on and Kindle and soon to iBooks on

Episode 001-An Actor’s Shakespeare-Authorship

Episode 001-The Authorship Silliness: “An Actor’s Shakespeare” looks briefly, intensely, into a single subject about, influenced or inspired by Shakespeare, his competition and Times. The goal is to gain perspective, insight and understanding – about Shakespeare and about our selves.

The Introduction Episode

One Actor’s take, understandings, thoughts, reactions to, thoughts on and life under the influence of William Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Our Rules: Don’t waste our listener’s time. Keep it under 15 minutes. Keep it to no more than 1.5 topics per episode. There will be ads. I will be ‘mad’;-). I will fail. These many change. Thanks to our Producer Ehren Ziegler of ChopBard ( one of the best Shakespeare commentary podcasts out there.